A Night in Los Angeles

August 30th, 2013

AbJo’s reaffirmed an addiction to Soulection and a strengthened personal fascination with the city of Los Angeles. A soundscape that almost visually takes you to another place, it seems appropriate for an occasion unlike any other.This is the ultimate late night cruising music to a star gazing space escape, slow ride in the hills of LA.


Dpat – In Bloom

August 30th, 2013

Much like XXYYXX, Dpat is all about soundscaping. For a small fee the 23 year old producer hailing from Houston will drive over the hills with his 1985 chevy truck and trailer. However, instead of mulching and planting grass along your front yard, Dpat will litter your ear with bass and distorted vocals. Now you just go and pay that small fee and you can sit back and listen to Dpat go to work on your ear. His songs slowly build and engulf you. And even though we really have no idea what those girls are saying in some of his songs it still sounds like we completely get the point.

In Bloom out now over at bandcamp



Sun is so fleeting in the pacific northwest. We have a rooftop grill at our apartment and you best believe we try to grill whenever it is not raining annnnnnd we are not too lazy to go up to the roof. (Which one foils our grilling plans more often you ask? It is pretty close, there is no elevator that goes up to the roof so we have to use *gasp* THE STAIRS *end gasp*. But it does rain a lot out here) Odesza’s single for their upcoming EP My Friends Never Die dropped on Friday and like clockwork the next day it rains. Both serve as a rude awakening, signifying two things: 1. Summer is ending and the rainathon that is fall + winter + spring in the pacific northwest approaches with a terrifying quickness. 2. BeachesBeaches and Catacombkid, the duo that make up Odesza, have been having a much better summer than us. And we are really going to need to get our shit together if we are going to use this song to remember the summer of 2013 because this tune is much more epic then our past few months have been.



Ciara is in the midst of attempting a comeback sorta. It is debatable whether she ever left, but she’s not on people’s minds the way Bey, Ri and Nicki are these days. So you may just need to go over here and refresh your memory on how good Ciara was at dancing, you just look cause ho ho ho jollity that girl can dance. It seems that Ѧrson ṀcҜay has done two things. First and foremost, he has made us so glad that we do not need to pronounce his name, copying and pasting it from soundcloud is so easy. Secondly, he has conducted some sorta experiment on someone who has fell in love with a girl just because of how well she can dance. He’s managed to take whatever is going on in that person’s mind and transfer it to a one minute and forty four second song.

What We’re Up To!

April 28th, 2013


It’s been a slow month or so, we’re up to some projects at the time being despite Aaron’s Tumblr rationalization/addiction/problems we’re actually up to some cool things.

We’ve got some mixes in the works for you courtesy of Max (ChiefMacko) , and we’re working on an entire new website for you, with cool gadgets, and a new theme and a larger focus entirely. So bear with us while we get our acts together and plan out our next moves.

This blog is the life soundtrack of a several few creatives, we love writing about music and now we’re going to work harder to bring you an entire new experience.

Here’s a great set to keep you preoccupied! Courtesy of Aaron

Whoarei – To You

April 18th, 2013


We apologize readers. We’ve been gone. We have been neglecting you. And other than quickly dropping page views of course, there have been profound consequences…more on that later.

Let us instead talk about what we have been doing instead of blogging: we have been on Tumblr. Presumably all is now forgiven because you understand what chokehold we have been under. Tumblr is amazingly terrible because it allows you to more easily look at what the entire internet thinks is cool. Part of our brain is screaming and yelling saying, “HEY IDIOT! INSTEAD OF BEING ON TUMBLR YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR BLOG, BECAUSE YOUR BLOG ENTAILS VAST RICHES AND TIGHT ABS!” And while we know the rational part of our-self is correct, blogging = vast wealth and sub 6% body fat, sometimes we just like to chill out and look at things on the internet.

The one good thing about Tumblr is that it does sometimes point our way towards some amazing music. Whoarei is such an example, his slow funky beats are narratives to slow romances of which we know nothing about. And while girls are awesome and all, why listen to Whoarei and hang out with cute girls when you could listen to Whoarei and look at pictures of them on Tumblr?


JMSN and Kastle have collaborated in a new track debut previewing Kastle’s upcoming album. JMSN’s got that voice and well.. Kastle kinda knows how to mix it. If this were a cup of coffee, Kastle’s finely roasted trap-infused grinds  would comprise the foundation of the cup. Of course we add a few tablespoons of JMSN’s lyrics which turn the drink into something more akin to a cubano or cafecito. Add whipped cream on top and stick it in the fridge and you end up with a great concoction of a track.

We’ll keep you posted about Kastle’s upcoming debut album.